Feeding Equipment

H&L 100 Automatic Calf Feeder

The H&L 100 allows calves to be housed as a group, but fed as individuals. The machine can be used with 1,2,3, or 4 feeding stations. The system is modular, so you can start with one station (25 calves) and build up to 4 stations (100 calves)

From Spring 2019 the original feeding stations have been upgraded to the NEW Hygiene stations including automatic teat and line cleaning (see below)

How it works:

  • Each calf (or calves within a group) has an individual feeding plan, specifying the meal size, frequency of meals, and a specific weaning date.
  • The calf is identified electronically.
  • The milk feed is freshly prepared and pumped to the teat in a few seconds.
  • The tubing is rinsed after every visit and automatically washed twice/day.
  • An anti-pirate valve prevents others from stealing a calf’s milk,so you can be sure each calf gets the correct quantity.
  • The machine keeps a record of which calf fed, how much, and when the next visit is due.
  • An extra mixeing bowl allows two calves to feed simultaneously

H&L Calf Expert

The Calf Expert is the latest addition to the trusted H&L range, and sets a new standard for computerised Calf Feeders. The machine has multiple functions which make programming easier and teat and line cleaning has become faster. It feeds 100 calves, or 150 under certain circumstances. Important information is easy to find either on the feeder, at the hygiene station, or on your mobile phone. Milk preparation has been speeded up and whole milk feeding is now easier and more hygienic. The Smartkeys and the improved illuminated display panel make it easier to operate, even wearing gloves!

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H&L Calf Expert
H&L Calf Expert

The New Hygiene Station

The NEW Hygiene station was introduced in 2016 and has the following benefits:

  • The outside of the teat is pressure cleaned after every feed.
  • The mucus bowl collects saliva and washes it away.
  • The teat is tilted downwards which makes it easier to train the calf in a more natural suckling position.

  • The teat is illuminated at night to encourage night time feeding.
  • A milk pump helps to trickle milk into the calf’s mouth aiding training (saves labour)
  • The station can be tipped up 90 deg so mucking out is easier.
  • There is a quick release handle which speeds up changing the teat.
Teat Cleaning

H&L Milk Taxi (also pasteurises)

The Milk Taxi is built to your individual specification. There are two options, either a milk powder mixer, or a whole milk pasteuriser, which also mixes. Both have a dispensing arm, and can be built with motorised wheels if requested.

It is available in 3 sizes ,100L,150L and 250L and also a trailed 250L version.

These stainless steel mobile mixers are available as a manual ‘push along’ version or with the option of motorised wheels. The 250L model is also available as a trailed version, to pull behind an ATV.

All models have a milk dispensing pistol, but there is an option to increase the length of pipe. When using a longer pipe it will be necessary to select the ‘remote control’ dispensing pistol.

The NEW Smart Mix option helps you calculate how much milk powder needs to be added to achieve the desired milk powder concentration.

For Technical specifications of mixers and pasteurisers visit the Holm & Laue website

MTX 150
Feeding in CalfGarden

Solutions for Group Feeding

Feed Fence for 7

This feed fence is 2.44m, has locking yokes and 7 places. There are mounting points for the stainless steel tilt up trough and the teated bucket support frame. There are 2 of these fences included as part of the Veranda (ie equipment to feed 14 calves).

Feed Fence

Solutions for Group Feeding

Teat Feeder Station

This frame which houses the grey teated buckets is mounted above the feed fence. Each frame is 2.44m long and contains 7 teated buckets. There is also a version replacing teated buckets with ring bucket holders.

Feeder Station

Solutions for Group Feeding

Telescopic Feed Fence

It has lockable yokes and 11 or 12 places. The telescopic mechanism is adjustable between posts placed 4.04m to 4.4m apart. It is possible to reduce the length to 3.81m (ie 11 places) by cutting off one stanchion.

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Solutions for Group Feeding

Stainless Steel Trough

High quality stainless steel trough for feeding milk, cake, silage or TMR. Trough can tilt up, suspended by chains. This item is an optional extra when ordering a Veranda.

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Calf Coats

Independent research has shown that calves wearing H&L Calf Coats for the first 6 weeks of life gained 5 kg more weight than those with no coat. The trial was carried out at HAUC during the winter of 2014.

The coat is made from quilted breathable 3M Thinsulate with reliable metal fasteners on the leg straps. Calves will not chew metal fasteners.

Calf Coats

Store & Thaw

Allows colostrum to be tested, packaged & frozen. The thawing system defrosts colostrum rapidly and can also be used for pasteurisation if required.

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Store & Thaw Water Bath
Storage Bags

What Customers Are Saying...

‘’We love our Igloos! We haven’t lost a calf in 8 months.NO pneumonia and along with the calf machine,we are averaging 1.08kg DLWG.A true success that would not have been possible without your help.’

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