Calf Igloo

  • Houses up to 15 calves
  • Diameter 4.4m
  • Height 2.2m
  • Door height 1.4m
  • Space under the Igloo 14 sqm
  • Accommodates up to 15 calves
  • Constructed from 3 segments
  • Central hook for suspending from a loader, during mucking out.


  • Large deep hutch suitable for one calf up to 8 weeks.
  • Flap at the back for inspection & bedding down
  • Grab handle at rear
  • Durable white plastic reflects U.V.
  • Use with Flexyfence

External 187 cm x 118 cm x 138 cm Internal 179 cm x 110cm x 122cm Weight 24 kg

Double Hutch

  • Double hutch suitable for 2 or 3 calves up to 12 weeks.
  • In combination with the Flexyfence the Double Hutch has a total area of 5.8 sq.m.
  • 2 brackets for teated buckets
  • Space for a third bucket.
  • Two bucket rings.

External 250 cm x 154 cm x 151 cm Internal 243 cm X 146 cm x 136 cm Dimensions including Flexyfence 432 cmx 156 cm x 105 cm Weight of hutch 43kg


  • Lateral wheels allow transport to wash down area
  • Wind shield at the base
  • Flexyfence can be tilted back to lock the calf inside
  • Personnel door allows one-handed operation
  • The front segment has a handy training area for teaching teat feeding
  • 2 bucket rings plus a teated bucket.

External 120 cm x 162 cm x 100 cm Weight 30kg


  • Strong galvanised steel construction (option to upgrade roof in snowy areas)
  • 2 pneumatic wheels
  • 2 x 7 place feed fences with lockable yokes
  • 1x transport hook
  • 2.4m drop down (chain) bedding gate
  • Dimensions of ‘loafing’ area 5mx 5m
  • Facility for standard H&L feeding stall or ‘Hygiene’ option
  • Total bedded floor area including area covered by Igloo 39.5 sq.m for 15 calves
  • Per calf 2.63 sq.m.
  • Roof area 7m x 7.5 m or 8m x 7.5m (optional)

Recommended area for penning using igloos next to an existing roof area

  • Dimensions of loafing area 5mx 5m
  • Feeding area 1.5 m x 5m
  • Total available space (including feeding area) 47 sq.m. for 15 calves = 3.13 sq.m per calf
  • Total bedded area(without feeding area) 39.5 sq.m for 15 calves = 2.63 sq.m per calf

What Customers Are Saying...

“We have put the heifer calves in igloos and verandas and they have never been as healthy. Pneumonia has stopped.”

Miles Philp
Trenake Farm, Looe